A Brief Guide Explaining Everything About the Slicer Types, its Uses and How to Handle Them

The actual idea of introducing the slicer in the first place was to help people cut meat in a uniform manner. Next to the meet slicers comes the cheese slicer as the most used kitchen equipment today. Both the slicer types are actually in great demand in the restaurant and hotel business in today’s world.

The main work of the slicers is to reduce the burden that falls on the cooks in today’s kitchen. The slicers not only will help with slicing the meat and cheese in a uniform manner, but will also make it possible for the cooks to have enough space in their plates, to fill more servings of other items.

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Basic Information about Slicers

You can find actually different kinds of slicers in the market today. It might be a vegetable slicer, fruit slicer, meat slicer and baguette cutter, etc, and other such slicer kinds. All these slicer kinds actually run with the help of electric supply and you will find some slicers that are manually handled too.

You will find different sizes of slicers types in the market today. You can browse through the available options and find the ideal one that suits your kitchen needs.

How to Use the Slicers

Here is a brief explanation about how to use them.

  • Adjust the thickness with which you require your items to be cut.
  • Put the food items inside the slicer and apply pressure on them. Food will start to fall off the slicer.
  • Now you should follow the process of moving the carriage to and fro to collect the food items that fall out of the slicer.

You can adjust the thickness of the food items as per your requirement before putting the food items inside the slicer. It is strictly suggested to wear some strong gloves that can help your hands from accidentally being cut during the process. You will even find the cleaning manual along with the slicer unit while buying one, and follow the instructions strictly and follow the cleaning procedure, and never forget to wear some thick gloves to avoid cuts and bruises on your hand.