Advanced Fleet management. What is it? 

Fleet management is a potent tool in the transport industry. It helps fleet managers manage vehicles better, which ensures that transport runs smoothly. With technological advances, various tools have since come up to enhance efficiency and save time. They help in route planning, vehicle tracking monitoring. Moreover, most fleet managers use advanced fleet management to maximize their revenue from vehicle fleets.

What is advanced fleet management?

Advanced fleet management manages all the vehicles in a fleet. It helps plan the routes, timings and organizes drop and pick-up points. It’s an integrated view of all your fleet activities. It helps in cost reduction, optimization of fleet activities, improves services. With advanced fleet management, fleet managers can easily track all this information either manually or with the use of a software application.

What does advanced fleet management involve?

Advanced fleet management system uses a fleet management software. This is a tracking unit installed in the vehicle; it collects data and conveys it to the Cloud server. In most cases, the GPS tracker in the vehicle has internal storage which saves all the data in case the car goes outside the network coverage. However, the moment the vehicle moves into a location with network coverage, the data starts rolling all over again.

What are the features of advanced fleet management software?

Advanced fleet management software features;

  • Dashboard

A fleet management application features a dashboard on the user side. You can use it to view all the information for it gives a detailed report of all the vehicles activities. The driver console dashboard also has details of the trip, including the route, and pick-up time.

  • Reports

The best part of fleet management software is the detailed reports for each trip. With the software, you can track the details of the employees who travel using a particular vehicle. You also get to know the route, driver details and the time of the trip.

What are the benefits of advanced fleet management?

  1. Promotes compliance

Compliance is an integral aspect of fleet management. But most fleet managers disregard compliance tests and checks. The software used in advanced fleet management will notify you in case of any compliance issues so that you can fix them in advance. It also informs you if your license needs renewal.

  1. Fuel efficiency

The software used has a route optimization feature that minimizes dry runs and overlapping routes. It helps reduce vehicle idling time by giving updated information and notifications. And this saves a lot of time which translates to reduced fuel consumption.

  1. Enhanced safety

The use of fleet management software in fleet management helps in the tracking of a vehicle’s movement. As such, with advanced fleet management, you will have all the details of the car used, pick up and drop off time. It’s easy to pursue the vehicle and resolve any issues during the trip to enhance safety.

The bottom line

Advanced fleet management is an excellent way of managing your fleet. It uses advanced tools to help save time, fuel, and enhance the safety of the vehicles on the road. It’s a cost-effective way of managing your fleet and will help you create the best route depending on traffic conditions.