Analysing Customer Videos to Improve Staff Performance

Company owners and directors are always looking for ways in which to improve performance. There are always little margins that can be improved across the board, and in terms of improving staff performance it is important to leverage as much data and information as possible in order to maximise the potential of your staff members. It can be difficult as an owner or director to have a fair idea of exactly what is going on at ground level of your company.

One way to take a look at an honest appraisal of how your staff are performing, and how they are interacting with customers, potential customers, complaints and suppliers is to undertake a mystery shopping report. Within the sphere of mystery shopping, a report that is based on clear video evidence provides the best way to actually see your staff members in action. So, what are the benefits of video mystery shopping?

Mystery shopping itself is a fantastic way of finding out the real truth about how your staff members are performing when you are not around. It allows a sense of anonymity in feedback from customers, and from staff members, without the fear of repercussions. This type of honesty is often missing when managers ask an employee a direct question. Video mystery shopping provides a level of clarity that might not even be apparent through traditional mystery shopping reports and questionnaires that are either written down or conducted over the telephone.

Video technology is improving all the time, and it does mean that video mystery shopping is easier than ever to conduct in secrecy. You can see video feedback of exactly what your customers are seeing, from the way the store is set out, the journey that they go on in store, and the customer service that they receive. Mystery shopping can be used to identify key areas of strength and weakness within your organisation, looking at the whole customer experience, or specific areas that require attention.

Mystery shopping feedback can be boring for the reader when written down in the form of words or numbers. Video feedback is a much more exciting way to analyse and interpret data relating to your stores, getting to know your employees in a way that is impossible through the usual channels of boss – employee relationships. You see the faults and strengths as they unfold, in the same time that your customers do.

Video mystery shopping is also a great way to highlight key areas that need to be worked on. A professional video mystery shopping service can cut down footage to display only the key moments that you need to be aware of. It is a much more effective way to analyse customer feedback than working through a large quantity of documents. All of this means that a plan of action, whether that involves tweaking approach in how your employees sell to customers, how your store is arranged, or with customer service policy, can be made quicker.

Video mystery shopping is an inventive and effective way to acquire feedback about your store operations and to help you improve staff performances after analysing raw visual data.