Benefits and drawbacks to be a Freelance Android Developer in Singapore

The freelance scene in Singapore has changed significantly these past couple of years especially in relation to higher level professionals for example application developers. This might appear just like a good sign, but it’s spurned on by poor economic growth in the united states. There is just .2% growth over the past quarter than the former quarter’s 6.2% improvement reported by Focus Financial aspects. At the outset of this season, the nation’s Trades Union Congress (NTUC) expressed concerns within the unknown variables from the freelance industry and it has since announced measures to assist freelancers, together with a job fair for connecting all of them with new customers.

Let us consider the ground realities and compare the pros and cons of selecting freelance Android development for a job in Singapore.

What’s promising


The greatest perk to be a freelance developer may be the freedom. You’ve got no one breathing lower your neck and you may determine which job to simply accept. Getting direct talks using the clients provides you with a much better concept of what they need and no-one can hinder your creative process. This will make things more effective and you simply need to response to the customer.

Simple to enter

The Android market is progressing spectacularly in Singapore at this time. The nation was the very first in Asia introducing Android Pay, the brand new form of Google Wallet, together with MasterCard just recently. There are many sources to help you get began by yourself and less limitations by Google Play Store during application launch.


Apple along with other major os’s are pricey with regards to development. Both software and hardware is pricey, which makes it hard for a freelance application developer. Android is the greatest choice having a one-time registration fee of 25 USB when compared with Apple’s annual 99 USD. The conventional 30% commission applies for application sales on the internet Play Store.

Free SDK

An application developer cannot survive without tools so you have to look closer in the costs involved there too. Apple’s SDK price is incorporated within the annual iOS Developer Program fee but Android’s SDK is totally free and readily available for download on Home windows, Linux, etc.

Time is appropriate

Because the Android market is at its peak in Singapore right now, there could not be considered a better here we are at searching into freelance Android application developer. The development is anticipated to improve soon as there’s an enormous marketplace for Android apps in the united states.

Unhealthy news


There are plenty of versions of Android still being used one of the population that many companies choose to launch their Android application on several. You may still find more in the future so it’s harder to create apps for various versions based on the device specifications.

Less legal protection

Since there’s no proper union for freelancers in Singapore, they aren’t qualified for benefits like medical, leaves, legal legal rights like regular employees. However, positive steps are now being taken in connection with this. In March this season, the nation’s Trades Union Congress (NTUC) stressed that freelancers needed a dependable system to guard their legal rights.

Payment woes

The greatest issue in freelancing is money although native Android application developers are very compensated and very popular. Even if your task is finished, the customer might be lazy about transferring your payment. They’re frequently of the opinion that minute rates are negotiable plus they can acquire the work accomplished for cheaper simply because you’re a freelancer. There’s also no annual raise like permanent employees receive.

No possession

As being a freelance developers sometimes means that you can’t claim intellectual and private property legal rights for your work. This might hinder your professional growth not to mention, you may refuse jobs like these lowering your options.

No third-party support

In case your professional legal rights are violated by any means, you can’t seek the assistance of the union because this type of factor doesn’t appear in Singapore. You’ll either have to stop or accept something significantly less because there’s no appropriate representation for you personally legally.

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