Best Hacks For Improving Your Work From Home Routine

It’s hard to have a work-life balance when your work is staggered across all parts of the day. The COVID-19 pandemic has quarantined all of us with our laptops and endless meetings. Handling work in the proximity of your loved ones and without the presence of your motivating coworkers can be challenging.

The work from home routine has blurred the lines between work and personal life completely, making it harder than before to keep your calm.

Keeping this in mind, we understand how this new arrangement may dampen your productivity. So, we’re here with the best hacks to optimize your work from home experience to the next level.

Create a workspace

It is a psychological fact that our moods and competence differ based on the location of our workspace. It’s not a good idea to work on your bed or your couch. These places psychologically signal our brains to rest and sleep because our mind associates these places with those specific actions.

To go around this issue, you should get a desk with a comfortable chair and a lamp to recreate your work environment. You will notice a boost in productivity as soon as you do so.

Make an organized system for your documents

Everyone finds themselves on the shorter end of the rope while working under tight deadlines and high-stress environments. With a constant online commotion of documents, it’s a good practice to have them in a handy format.

To streamline your documents, convert PDF to JPG files so that you can send the specific parts of the PDF as images whenever they’re needed at a moment’s notice.

Stay close to nature

Working under fluorescent lights is not our natural state of being. Try introducing aspects of nature during working, and you’ll notice a physical ability to perform better.

You can start by situating your desk near a window that lets in an ample amount of sunlight. Along with that, putting some potted plants near your workstation will be aesthetically and physiologically beneficial.

Play hard to work hard

You need to focus on having complete off-times during your day not to suffer an eventual burnout. The more time you give yourself to recuperate, the better you’ll be able to function professionally.

People tend to overwork themselves and feel the need to check every update as soon as possible. They fall into the rat trap of always being on their phones and neglecting the most important and the most underrated thing – peace.

As soon as you create your boundaries and not interrupt your personal time, you will see the benefits of this system within a week of doing it. Start by something small as switching off your notifications every evening and turning them on only the next day.

Keep rewarding yourself

You have to be your cheerleader during these challenging times. Everyone’s trying to cope with the pandemic, and you have to reward yourself for still functioning in a new environment.

Set up a reward system for yourself wherein you get to treat yourself every time you knock off a challenging task from your list. This system helps you stay motivated and correlate work with positive emotions.