Check These Quick Facts about Self-Piercing Rivets

For the uninitiated, self-piercing rivets are used as a fastening solution when welding doesn’t work or is impossible, especially in the building and air-conditioning industry. In this special post, we will talk about the advantages of self-piercing rivets along with a few tips on how you can place an order with a known seller.

How does it work?

The assembly process largely defines how the self-piercing rivet is used for a product. Usually, it is driven into the stack of materials at a constant and controlled force. As it moves, it pierces each of the layers. And the end of the stack, the rivet starts to expand and forms and interlock, which seals the stack together. The whole process of using a self-piercing rivet on a stock takes just a few seconds, depending on the length of the stack and the force used. Specialized riveting tool are used for the purpose, and the rivet finally ensures that a mechanical interlock is in place and holds the stack together.

Benefits at a glance

Well, self-piercing rivets are ideal for certain industries where welding is not the ideal choice. These are also used for avoiding damage to the metals that have already been painted, such as aluminum signs. Now, there are many advantages of self piercing rivets. First and foremost, there’s no need to drill holes in metals anymore, so you can get the job done easily for complicated projects. In turn, this helps in reducing the time that’s needed for assembling the end product. Also, these reduce the component cost and the whole step of fastening is done in just one move, which can speed up the production process too. For processes that involve operation at a high speed, self-piercing rivets work best because these are meant to aid automation, and more often than not, standard sizes work for machines, so the costs don’t escalate either. It is also possible to join two very different metals or materials as needed.

Buying tips

As mentioned earlier, working with painted material also gets easier, and these are also ideal for projects requiring permanent assembly. If you need to buy self-piercing rivets, check online for the best deals and selections. There are stores that sell products with the choice of customizing the same with the client’s logo, which is an added advantage, especially if you are looking to place a bulk order. Don’t forget to check with the seller directly to find if they can handle other custom self-piercing rivet requirements.