Do You Know About These Amazing Benefits of Online Merchant Account in USA?

As a merchant, you would surely like the ideas that help you boost your sales and earn huge profits in minimum efforts. While you would do countless things to take your offering to a bigger audience through multiple channels – both online and offline, you may still have to struggle to earn the desired profitability if you don’t have an online merchant account in the USA.

Wondering why is an online merchant account so important and what all benefits you stand to gain from your online merchant account in USA? For small businesses, startups, and home operated businesses, credit card security and processing fees might be a cause of concern for you. Perhaps, you own a small family business (maybe a restaurant) and still prefer traditional methods of payment.

With modern consumers preferring credit cards and debit cards to shop online and offline, merchants who fail to provide customers with more payment options end up losing more than gaining some. Hence, it is crucial for merchants to ensure that customers have multiple options to pay while they shop from their stores.

Not sure what a merchant account is all about?

A merchant account is an online bank account through which merchants can accept payments through credit cards, debit cards, gift cards, and other electronic payment options. A merchant account serves as an intermediary between the banks and your business. Unlike traditional accounts, money doesn’t simply move in & out in a merchant account. In this account, the merchant is required to partner with the merchant acquiring bank that facilitates all transactions done through different electronic payment options. The entire process is very quick, safe, and absolutely secure, which results in minimum delays and quick payments because the acquiring banks receive payments from the issuing banks later.

Benefits of having an online merchant account in USA

While many merchants aren’t confident about having online merchant accounts, the process becomes extremely simple once you avail the services of a reliable provider such as Payment USA.

Increased profits and revenues – With the help of a free online payment gateway in USA, you can boost your sales, earn more profits quite easily and save more on each transaction. These days, it is common for shoppers across the globe to have one or the other type of credit/debit card as this is the era of cashless shopping. In fact, people shop more and spend more when they use other (electronic) payment methods than cash. Most impulse purchases are made by credit/debit cards, which means you might be missing on huge opportunities for revenue generation if you still don’t have an online merchant account. Through an international merchant account payment gateway, you can take your merchandise to a global and bigger marketplace.

Improved flow of cash – Authorization is quick and usually takes only a few seconds when you pay using credit/debit cards and other electronic options. Funds are transferred to the merchant account within one or two business days. However, when you accept payments through checks, it may take many days for the funds to be credited to your account. The process may take as long as 30 or even more days in some cases.

Improved customer satisfaction – You can ensure greater customer satisfaction by offering consumers greater flexibility and several (reliable & safe) payment options, including credit cards, debit cards, gift cards, etc. This, in turn, gives merchants complete control over their flow of money. By giving more options to pay and the flexibility to shop from your store whenever, wherever they need, you can easily improve your customer satisfaction rate.

At Payment USA, we offer international merchant account payment gateway integration services to help merchants extend safer, easier, and faster payment options to their respective clients. For queries and concerns about free payment gateway in USA and online merchant accounts, please feel free to contact us.