Document Shredding

Document shredding is one of the most important things for a business. Documents can contain all sorts of personal and financial details, and identity theft is a regular occurrence. To contain the risk of leaking sensitive data, finding a company that specialises in document shredding may be the next step you take for your business.

As mentioned above, document shredding can help keep your business safe in several different ways. Not only can it prevent identity theft, which occurs when documents that have left your safekeeping end up improperly disposed of, but it can also protect your customers. Everything you do as a business should boil down to protecting the identities of your customers and their assets. Even though writing down credit card information isn’t great, if you do happen to need to, it’s important to properly dispose of this information immediately afterwards, just like any documents that contain sensitive customer information in its pages.

Protecting your customers’ personal information is your duty. Legislation regarding information privacy and security is frequently updated, and it’s a very serious matter. If you are unable to safely protect this information, then you are at risk of fines for mishandling customer information, and perhaps more severe actions if your negligence is the reason for a customer’s issue. You don’t want to risk your reputation.

As well as customers, document shredding can protect your employees. Your employees also have a legal right to privacy, and it is your obligation to keep this information safe. It doesn’t matter if it’s payslips, health records, or photocopies of their ID, it needs to be shredded to ensure there are no mishaps.

You’ll also save a huge amount of space. You don’t need to keep masses of old documents, and if you have thousands of pages of paper clogging up your inventory, it may be time to clear out anything that’s become irrelevant. You’ll also be helping the environment, correctly shredding documents using a professional service guarantees that you’ll stay in compliance with laws, and that your papers will be recycled in an eco-friendly manner.

Regular document shredding can give you piece of mind; they’ll be no unfortunate surprises of missing or stolen information if you regularly shred your paperwork. Every business collects sensitive information, and though there has been a shift to electronic sources for paperwork, most business-related documents are still printed.

When you need to dispose of unwanted documentation, there are several specialists available for the task. Box-it offers the solution of off-site or on-site shredding across the UK and Ireland, and even have their own fleet of on-site shredding vehicles to support their customer’s needs.

What you’re looking for is a company that will go the extra mile, not only offering to collect your documents or shred on-site, but also one that promises confidentiality. There are great companies that shred all documents under video surveillance within 24 hours of collection, and will keep a record of exactly which documents you asked them to shred for you.