Escape Room: General Characteristics and Thematic Variety

Recently, quest projects have been gaining popularity in the entertainment industry. People happily agree to be locked in rooms full of puzzles and riddles that they must leave in a limited amount of time. Quest plots can be based on a literary text, popular films, or individually created by the authors of the quests in a unique quality.

What is an Escape Room?

Escape room (quest room) is one of the latest trends in the modern sphere of entertainment and leisure. They appeared in cities with a population of one million relatively recently and subsequently actively spread to cities with a smaller population. According to the definition of the “Guild of quest rooms”, a quest is understood as an entertaining game for a team of several people in a specially prepared room. In such a game, you need to apply logic, dexterity, and coordination, as well as work in a team.

Main Thematic of the Games

Today the platform is the leader in organizing escape rooms. Anyone interested in this topic can visit the site and get up-to-date information about quests.

Themes (or genres) of games:

  • Apocalypse;
  • Virtual reality;
  • Detective;
  • Intellectual games;
  • Historical;
  • Mysticism;
  • Museum;
  • Performance;
  • Horror;
  • Thriller;
  • Prison;
  • Science fiction;
  • Fantasy;
  • Action;
  • Erotic;
  • Humorous.

Category of participants: children, families, for large companies of different ages. From 2 to 50 people can take part in the games, the price of each quest is calculated individually for each group, depending on the number of participants.

In conclusion, it is necessary to indicate that in the existing classifications of creative industries, escape rooms are classified as creative services. Going to a cafe, cinema – all this, of course, is in demand and popular, but if you want something really extraordinary and memorable, then the quest in reality is what you need. Going to the quest room is quite a new phenomenon, but already incredibly in demand. It cannot be otherwise, because each participant receives a whole complex of emotions and sensations: drive, excitement, joy, surprise, excitement. Try it and see for yourself!