Excavator and Heavy Machinery Technological Advancements

The use of excavators and their corresponding hydraulic attachments are part and parcel of both construction and infrastructure activities simply because these machines allow managers to handle a range of tasks that are critical to projects. Technological advancements over the past decade or so related to hydraulic and electric systems that are applicable to excavators have also progressed at such a rapid pace rendering these machines as critical project components. These facts were evident in the recent Con-Expo that was held in March 2020 in Las Vegas that attracted thousands of people.

All major players that are practically house hold names such as Bobcat, Caterpillar, Kubota, Komatsu and Kobelco among others all had a slice of their pie with their latest excavators including mini excavators that run on electric batteries. The expo also showcased many new entrants into the excavator attachment segment in a variety of forms, these attachment components are generally designed to not just enhance the performance and productivity of the excavators subjected to projects, but also offer higher levels of ease of use, safer and enhance cost savings. Among the ‘eye catchers’ at the expo included:

Auxiliary hydraulic kits also referred to as “wet kits” by McDonough HCT that channel the necessary amount of power to excavator attachments for excavator hire machinery that weigh above 8 metric tons all the way up to 120 metric tons in size.

The Swedish manufacturer EngCon showcase of the ‘tiltrotator’ that connected excavator attachments that acts as a flexible wrist allowing excavator operators to command more flexibility over the attached extended component.

Geith’s G4 quick coupling device that allows the machines to swap attachments without the operator even having to leave the cab safely and quickly which saves an enormous amount of time when excavators are tasked with more than just a single task. This also means that the project managers could manage entire projects with a single excavator rental

An Ohio based company Werk-Brau Co. Inc. also joined the fray with a new series of extreme heavy duty excavator buckets that were as tough as nails simply because they were designed to be durable and effective even in the most brutal site. The buckets featured “an aggressive dig angle” which was a first for the industry that were coupled with abrasion-resistant steel and horizontal wear strips. The buckets came in a variety of sizes ranging from 3/8 of a cubic yard all the way up to 10 cubic yards with ‘various widths’ to boot.

The company also offered customization that allowed customers to request specific designs and capacity. Werk-Brau heavy duty excavator buckets were said to be are ideal for shot rock, abrasive applications, demolition work, moderate prying and naturally when paired with thumbs, they would also be suitable for material handling. The ‘toughness’ of the buckets are attributed to extreme duty T-1ASTM A514 steel and AR500 high-carbon steel which offers both strength and durability to the buckets. This means that the buckets last much longer than most conventional buckets that are currently available in the market.