Famous football players that Snoop Dogg coached

Snoop Dogg is a guy who has a love for a number of things — some of them don’t even include smoking. The popular rapper on RapTV is also a well-known fan of football which has made younger generations understand their enthusiasm for the sport. Ok, he now has three examples of NFL achievements from his football league to tout.

One player claims Snoop is seeking control from Coach. The quarterback claims Coach expects leadership both on and off the field.

Ross on the coaching of Snoop Dogg:

Most of us recognize just Snoop Dogg as a platinum rap star, but John Ross, a broad recipient of Cincinnati Bengals, is fortunate enough to have the popular rapper as his youth football coach.

  • In the early 2000s, Ross participated in Snoop Dogg’s All-Star league as a youth in Long Beach, California. In a sit-down interview with CBS Sports’ Jon Beason, he remembered the encounter.
  • Ross said, “Snoop was always only like a dad to all of us.”
  • By the recollection of Ross, Snoop’s insane popularity in the film business never prevented him from thoroughly investing in coaching youth football.
  • According to a Sports Illustrated report from last February, Ross and his childhood teammates had a special friendship with Snoop, and also attended sleepwalks at his mansion. In the Long Beach neighbourhood, Snoop’s youth league helped cultivate a passion for football among youngsters, and Ross rode it to Washington University.

A sensation on the football field since his early days, Ross set an NFL Combine mark by running the 40-yard dash last February in 4.22 seconds. Which led the Cincinnati Bengals to select him in the 2017 NFL Draft with the ninth overall selection.

Pomona Steelers:

The Pomona Steelers are only one of a variety of teams created by the Snoop Youth Football League under the Snoop League. He says he started off on the sideline as just a dad while his son was playing ball as a kid. He kept volunteering, and was then recruited into coaching to fill a gap.

Ronnie Hillman:

Hillman, who grew up in Compton, Calif., and played at San Diego State College, talks admiringly about Snoop’s youth football investment in the inner-city.

“With his wealth he might have done a number of stuff, but he was mostly giving back and helping the kids and really working to bring them out of the ghetto,” Hillman said a few days before Super Bowl 50 (via Denver7). “… He has a lot to do with the boys, and I know he was a coach to a lot of children. You can certainly tell him that he loves the kids.”

When Hillman was a child, Snoop gave him basic advice that has remained with him.

Snoop league football:

The Snoop Youth Football League has squads in many NFL states and members, including one on Denver Broncos, a Super Bowl champion. Cordell Broadus, Snoop’s uncle, is on the UCLA football squad.

It has been well reported that in the Snoop Youth Football Game, Kansas City Chiefs rookie De’Anthony Thomas played his youth ball with Snoop Dogg before moving on to college stardom in Oregon. But a few other graduates from Snoop’s youth league still have an NFL shot: the Indianapolis Colts and San Diego Chargers named the cornerbacks Kam Jackson and Greg Ducre as undrafted free agents, respectively.

When it comes to churning out remarkable players, per TMZ, Snoop believes this is only the beginning of the league’s success: “I feel confident about the guys that are coming out this year, the year after and the girls who are in the league right now. We have kids all over the SYFL that have the spirit to move to the next level!”