Five Things to Look for When Hiring an SEO Company Sydney

With the increasing number of unreliable SEO companies that exist online, finding the right SEO Company Sydney for your business can be frustrating. SEO is a long-term investment that can make or break your online presence, so you must make the best decision possible.

In terms of picking a reputable SEO company, you don’t just pick any company you can find. You must weigh your options to make sure you end up working with a company you can trust to deliver your desired results. The following are what you must look for when picking an SEO company in Sydney:

Realistic Offers

Find companies that provide realistic results and not use guarantees. Keep in mind that SEO is an ongoing process and nobody can guarantee rankings 100%. Agencies don’t have control over algorithms. Any company that promises overnight rankings or guaranteed ranking must raise an immediate red flag.

Good Reviews

Customer reviews offer firsthand experience from others who have worked with your prospective companies. By considering these reviews, you can make better decisions and get answers to any questions you may have about a company.

White Hat SEO Practices

Success in SEO is only possible when you avoid penalties from search engines. You must be sure the company you prefer to work with implements white hat SEO practices, to make sure your site does not get penalized. Before you make your final decision, ask questions first. An honest company will explain its strategies in detail. White hat SEO techniques that must be used by a good SEO company in Sydney include optimising for mobile devices, doing keyword research, focusing on user experience, improving website speed, and creating high-quality, fresh content. The company will avoid black hat SEO techniques such as keyword stuffing, link farming, cloaking, article spinning, and more.


When picking an SEO company, think about its level of experience in terms of SEO. The number of years it has been operating can indicate its experience level. Also, consider the variety of businesses and industries they have worked with before. A company that has serviced clients in different industries may know and what works for your specific business.

Search engine optimisation includes different aspects that will help you understand the experience level of an SEO company. These aspects include technical SEO, on-page optimisation, off-page optimisation, and authority boosting. For an SEO strategy to be successful, a company must implement all these elements.

Success Stories or Case Studies

Anyone can claim to be an SEO expert. But, a firm’s history and background can make it stand out from the shady ones. Thus, you must ask the SEO company to provide you with examples of their work including reports that show an increase in traffic from search engines. Ensure you can find the searches in the search results in the claimed spot. Case studies highlight the company’s work and offer concrete examples of its performance, validating its expertise and skill. They serve as proof of the ability of the SEO company to offer positive results.