Have You Ever Wondered What’s the Hidden Message Behind the Auto Dealer CRM APIs?

Every organization, in order to create and implement a strong sales process, needs a robust CRM platform. With the right implementation and strategies, your CRM platform can become a center of sales and retention activities. Advanced auto dealers have always aimed at pushing the limitations of conventional CRM functioning by permit customers to be more in touch with their investments in handy technologies they are addicted to like Facebook, texts and other apps.

Also many CRM lack in APIs (Application Program Interface), which lets the third party apps to access the CRM data that would further help in generating excellent customer insights and marketing campaigns. So, before purchasing an auto dealer CRM, consider asking your service provider if their CRM has a stable and published API that lets bi-directional data communication from the trusted third part sources. Here are some further issues that would be caused by lack of published APIs in auto dealer CRM softwares.

  1. The CRM code is a mayhem

It is a taxing, and sometimes impossible, to code an API into a CRM that lets the trusted third parties to replace the reports generate by the CRM system itself, if the software is loosely held together with simply rubber bands and chewing gum. Do not consider this as an exaggeration. The data researchers claim that the CRM companies do not provide the information and data to the third parties on reliable terms, to replace their own figures in their reports as hundreds and thousands of patches have expanded and evolved over the years.

  1. Cloud services—what are they?

One of the intriguing facts about CRM software is they do not have any cloud storage services. They still rely on the services of Windows Terminal Server to permit remote access to the CRM data. Before making a purchase, ensure that the CRM service you chose should be well integrated with the cloud services. If not, it is a total waste of money. Also it will not let your dealership to prioritize web-based APIs and data sharing technology.

  1. Ignorance is not a bliss

If you do not consider checking for the APIs in your CRM system, this reflects the lack of the open minded thinking of your firm’s senior management. They will have insights like there is no need to prioritize API if the company wants to keep the data hostage, or there is no need to invest in an API because they have the best auto dealer CRM system in the world. Be aware of such insights and choose the one best for your dealership.