How Labels Have Merged with Technology to Provide a Smoother Purchasing Experience

If you run a retail outlet, you will know how important labels are, and with emerging technology, product labels can really help the retailer. Barcodes may have been around for a while already, yet earlier versions were difficult to read, which slowed the buying process as the cashier tries to get the gun to read the barcode, yet the latest generation of thermal transfer labels are picked up by the scanner instantly.

Thermal Transfer Printing

A thermal ribbon is used to print the labels, with the printer head heating up the ribbon and it is possible to print high volumes in a short space of time using this system. The process can be used to create colour or black and white labels, and if you would like to make a connection with a leading Australian label printer, check out who stock an extensive range of label solutions and also supply laser printers, should you wish to print your own labels.

Startrack Express

This Australian company joined forces with Australia Post to provide accurate logistic data that helps the process of sorting mail and ensuring it gets to its final destination as soon as possible. Startrack labels can be sourced from online label specialists, who sell them in rolls of varying sizes and specifications, and it only takes a Google search to locate such a supplier.

A4 Laser Sheets

These are used for internal communication and filing and can help you to organise invoices, receipts and other items, which really does save time in the long-term. No one likes to spend time trying to locate a document and with A4 laser sheets, you have as many small labels as you need.

Custom Designed Labels

If you talk to an established label printer, they can customise their service to create unique labels, and this helps in many ways, not just at the checkout, as labels can be read to assess current stock levels, making sure that you never run out of products. The label supplier can always ensure that you have a good supply of the labels you need and you can login on their website and place an order any time of day or night.

Removable Labels

In a perfect world, you would be able to remove a label and re-fix it to another product, and there are special labels that can be removed from mediums such as paper, plastic, glass and wood, making them very versatile and durable.

Whatever your label needs, there are specialist suppliers and they can easily be found with an online search.