How Much Time Is Needed For A Background Check? Check Here!

Landlords, businesses, lenders, banks, employers and other parties often need to do a background check on a person they are dealing with. This could be related to hiring, verifying credit check details, or even finding information about bankruptcies and previous borrowing patterns. There are varied kinds of background checks that can be done, and each one can take a certain amount of time. Here’s a look at the time taken for specific screenings.

  • Employee background check. An employee background check can take anywhere between a few minutes to about five days, depending on the information being sought. For instance, if an applicant has lived abroad for a few years, information must be obtained from the concerned country, which can add weeks to the process. On an average, the time needed for employee background check is about five days.
  • Criminal background check. In some cases, the criminal history of a person may matter, and this kind of check may take about one to three days on an average. As we mention, the information being sought matters over everything else. You can find criminal search products from trusted companies for both manual and rapid checks.

  • Universal Background Check. A Universal Background Check is done by the FBI by relying on NICS (National Instant Criminal Background Check System). For the unversed, this is also known as a gun background check, to know if a person can be given a gun license. This kind of check is often necessary for landlords and employers and can be completed within minutes.
  • Fingerprint background check. Generally, a fingerprint background check is done with another type of background check, and this can take about one to three days. This is particularly important for employment.

Final word

A background check is critical when you are dealing with people that matter for your business. Make sure that you follow the necessary protocols, which also involves taking written consent of the concerned person, as mandatory by federal law. The good news is ready tools available for background checks are absolutely accurate and rely on various kinds of reliable resources to get the check done. You can find tools that can search through millions of available records to fetch and verify details. For years, businesses have suffered scams and breaches because of false information provided by people, and that can be prevented entirely with current tools for background checks.