How To Become A Better Leader?

A leader is born, not made. He creates a vision and inspires, motivates others to live with that vision, he is a leader”

The world has witnessed many leaders who have brought transformation and revolution in their times, they dreamt big and achieved high. Leadership itself is a personality trait, and those who have this quality can enhance their performance by adding some more to their personality, such as:

Stay humble, avoid criticism, condemn, complain

Humbleness is the key factor of winning, a humble person is more persuasive and influential. According to Dale Carnegie; “any fool can criticise, condemn and complain- and most fools do,”

A leader is wise enough to control his emotions when his subordinate is not meeting his expectations, they stay humble and keep on motivating their subordinates whenever needed.

Encourage creativity

The best method to motivation is appreciation, everyone wants to be appreciated for his efforts. Try to recognise the creativity and encourage your workers to come up with new ideas, this would strengthen your relationship with them, and you can refine their ideas for solving your problems.

Be fervent about your work

A passionate leader is one who proves with his attitude that he is derived towards his work, he is loving his vision. You need to make your people believe that your vision is your everything and you are going to achieve it by giving your selfless efforts. This act motivates your subordinates to do the same, because ultimately, subordinates are the reflection of the leader.

Be empathetic

The most non-negligible fact, is that people don’t want to listen what you want to say, they want to listen to what they want. A good leader conveys his message in a way that his subordinate accepts it.

Be acknowledged about your team

People love it when you listen to their problems, show them sympathy, help them to come out of it. A true leader is a great consultant, he goes through a grievance procedure, time by time with his people and asks them about their family, personal lives and problems relating to them. He also consoles them and provides them with possible solutions, so that they feel like he owns them.

Acknowledge your own mistakes

No one in this world is flawless, a good leader never appears in front of his people with a personality proving himself flawless. He often goes through self-assessment, and show his people that he is recognising his mistakes. Dale Carnegiestates, “if one corrects his own mistake, before it is corrected by someone, this helps him to change other’s behaviours”

Winning an argument is not a victory

A leader is wise enough to realise that winning an argument is not a victory, he knows that sometimes his subordinates are not on his page.He needs to avoid the argument, and instead of it he must stay kind and friendly, he must show them that he respects their dignity, and try to bring them on the same ground as soon as possible.