How To Get Better Lighting In Your Photo Instead Of Using A Flash – Ram V Chary

With the advent of digital photography, many amateur photographers have taken to the hobby to capture memories and moments they otherwise would have missed. While this is a great way to capture memories, there are some things to be aware of in order to make sure your photos turn out the best they can. The following are tips from photographers like Ram V Chary that will help you improve your photos and avoid common mistakes.

1: Lighting

One of the most important things about photography has nothing to do with your camera or lens at all. The first part of taking a great photo is having good lighting, so if you are indoors without any natural light coming in, it will be very difficult for you to take a great picture. Make sure you are near a window or door where there is some natural light coming in. If not, you can purchase some artificial lighting for your home to help give you the light you need to take great photos.

2: Blur The Background

Having a sharp photo with a clear foreground and background is good for some types of photography, but it limits others like macros or portrait photography. A blurry background can help your subject stand out and give it a more professional look. Doing this is easier than it sounds; all you need to do is make sure you set your focus on the object or person in the foreground of your photo. Once they are in sharp focus, make sure you hold down the button for several seconds until everything behind them appears blurry.

3: Using a Flash May Not Be Best

Many amateur photographers will take a photo and then use a flash to make it brighter if the lighting is not very good. While this does make the picture visible, it also has several side effects that can ruin your photos. The first thing people notice when you use a flash is that there are shadows on one or both sides of the person’s face, which looks unnatural. This is due to the fact that the light from the flash is only on one side of their face, giving them shadows on both sides.

4: Natural Lighting

Instead of using a flash, you should try to capture the best natural lighting possible. If your subject is backlit, it will be more difficult to stand out from the background, giving them a silhouette appearance. However, this can actually work to your advantage if that is what you are going for. You can also use window light to your advantage. When you use window light, it will be coming from the opposite direction of the natural light, giving it a more natural appearance.

5: Use A Tripod

No matter where you are taking photos, using a tripod is always a good idea if you want to capture top quality images. Holding your camera while trying to get a steady shot can be difficult, so use a tripod to help you get the best shots possible without having to worry about holding your camera. If you are taking pictures indoors or in low light conditions, this will come in very handy.

In order to take the best photos possible, it is important to understand the different ways you can light your subject. By using natural light or light modifiers, you can create beautiful photos without the harshness of a flash.