How to Know Who Will Win the Next NFL Game

Of course, there isn’t any sure way to know who will win the next NFL game, but it sure would be nice to be able to take a good guess. This year is an especially difficult time to determine what will go on in the NFL, since COVID-19 quarantine has thrown such a wrench into the entire game and culture. However, considering past NFL wins and what has been going on with the teams this year can help to make an accurate prediction.

Who is Winning this Year?

Models predict that the Jacksonville Jaguars are who will be winning this season. They struggled in recent years, but recently they’ve been able to achieve more than 4.5 wins across four of the past five seasons. 

They have drafted some very talented young players who they expect to lead them through the next year. Players like K’Lavon Chaisson and Josh Allen possess a strong ability to pass in a hurry,  even if Yannick Ngakoue ends up being traded.

Quarterback, Gardner Minshew, is a powerful addition to the team after Nick Foles was traded in the offseason. He has a whopping 14 games under his belt and is a very strong starter. As a rookie in 2019, his numbers were excellent, with 21 touchdowns that only had six interceptions and an impressive 60.6% of passes successful. 

The schedule looks like it will set up Jacksonville to be even more successful. They will likely win against the Bengals and the Dolphins the first month, so they’ll be in good footing and nearly 50% towards winning overall just a month in. 

How to Make Good Nfl Predictions

If you love watching football and have a little bit of money to throw around, you may be considering betting on NFL football. This is a very fun way to get hundreds of betting opportunities every season. While you won’t be wagering on every game, you can spread yourself out to makes excellent wagers that are likely to bring you success.

Understand the Game

Before you can even begin thinking about making your own NFL predictions, you need to know everything about NFL football. If you are more familiar with college football, it’s time to do your research and learn the differences, such as that in pro football it doesn’t matter how much a team wins by, only that they win.

Rely on Data

Don’t be the gambler who thinks that they always have a great hunch. Analyzing each game and thoroughly understanding how the players are ranking up against each other is your best chance for betting success. 

If you don’t have time to gather this kind of data, it is best to rely on expert picks from people who do know how to thoroughly examine the data available. Collecting great information about football that will be valuable in predicting NBA success is more than watching, paying attention, and enjoying the game. You need to be through about understanding and collecting all kinds of different data.

Stay Updated

Odds can change dramatically just throughout a week. As point spreads vary, a point or two of difference can make a bet more or less wise. Staying updated on ongoing trends is essential to make good bets. If you can’t stay updated all the time, do some thorough research and then immediately place your bet before things change.

Don’t Forget the Underdog

Betting on a team that is not favored to win means that you will get superb odds. If you’re dividing up your betting between a number of teams, throwing some bets to the underdog is a great way to give yourself a gamble for a big win. 

They probably won’t come through, but if they do, you may be able to make up for all of the other bets you lost recently. Thoroughly studying a group of potential underdogs can give you an edge on predicting the highest paying bets with the lowest possible investment.

Essential Tips

  • Bet fast and infrequently. You’ll go broke quickly trying to bet on every game, and the chances of you being able to stay informed on everything going on all the time is slim to none. Therefore, only bet when you have had time to thoroughly inform yourself on the spread, and then bet fast before the spread changes.
  • Data is key. Don’t lose yourself focusing on the big teams or following hunches. Look at all the data to determine which underdog to follow or which big team to invest in.

Make a Great Prediction About Who Will Win the NBA’s Next Game

If you want to be confident that you are making good predictions about who will win and make good investments with your gambling funds, using professional data is usually a good decision. Very few people have enough experience, understanding, and time to stay updated on all of the ins and outs of the NBA.