How To Teach Your Kids To Stay Clean And Organized

Mothers have a challenging task teaching their children to stay clean, especially if they did not instill this culture while they were younger. And that is why one is urged to start teaching their children some things while growing up before they grow bigger. Regardless, below is how you can teach your offspring how to be organized and clean, notwithstanding their ages.

Be clean

You cannot expect your child to pick up the habit of staying organized and clean while you, the parent, are not doing the same. Practice what you preach is the motto here. And so when you are clean, they too take this as the right way to do things, and telling them to clean after themselves will not be met by resentment and arguments on the basis you don’t do it too.

Create a timetable

The very idea of having something jotted down gives your child a sense of responsibility whereby they know what is required of them at what time and in what capacity. A chore list is the first place you teach your child to clean their rooms, clean their toys, make their beds, clear out the kids storage baskets in their rooms, and so much more.

Teach them responsibility and accountability

When your child spills milk on the floor, do they know they are supposed to clean it up or wait for you to do it? If the latter is the case, then you are teaching them the right things. They should be responsible and accountable for their mistakes. And if they cannot handle the cleaning themselves, the least they could do is tell you about it.

Set rewarding and punishing rules

Everyone loves to be awarded for something good they have done. It is a very motivating way to make someone work even better. Kids love this kind of system too, so much so, when they wash their bowl after breakfast, give them a pat on the back, or offer them extra incentive on their allowance. This, however, can quickly change as some kids want to test the limits by acting a bit stubborn. When this happens, in the case of cleaning their rooms, subtract some of their privileges like watching tv or playing outside. When you do this, they will reform and do better next time.

Help them do it

Monkey see monkey do. With children, it is that simple. When they see you clean, they want in too. But the issue is that they may not know how to do it properly, and here is where you come in. They may have the will to clean the utensils or sweep the house, but they can become better at it with your help.

Take away

Teaching your child how to stay organized and clean is not as hard as you thought, right? You just have to know how to initiate them into the practices of staying orderly and clean. Just remember to be patient with them; they learn the whole thing afresh, not like you who can do it in your sleep.