There was a time when people could only transfer money to another person/merchant by visiting a bank. There was no concept of online money transfer. However, times have changed, and now people have the convenient option to transfer money online. Money transfer service providers allow cash to be transferred from one location to another, without any hassle and not restricted by distance. The instantaneous process hardly takes a few minutes to initiate. Online money transfer services provide many benefits that aim to make customers’ lives more comfortable.


Visiting the bank to transfer money to a second party requires much paperwork that needs to be processed. This may be inconvenient if the matter is of utmost urgency. This is where online money transfer services prove to be the most beneficial. All that is needed is a phone or laptop and a good internet connection. There is no required paperwork except for a few details of senders and recipients like their email addresses and mobile numbers. It then takes 1 or 2 days at most for the recipient to receive the amount.


Transferring money via banks may prove to be inconvenient at times due to the set timings banks usually have. They may close after 5 pm, for example. What if there is an urgent need to make instant payment? Online money transfer services operate 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. People are no longer bound by fixed timings. Internet banking solutions makes it hassle-free.


One of the benefits of transferring money online is that there is security. In case there is a problem while transferring the cash, all money will be refunded, and users will not have to worry about theft.


When transferring money through banks, there is usually a percentage allocated to specific amounts that the customers have to pay to the banks. This makes transferring money via banks a bit expensive. However, with online transfers, customers only have to pay a nominal sum on the amount they wish to send, therefore, making online money transfer an inexpensive option.

In this fast-changing world, people have many ways to make their lives simple and straightforward. One of the ways they can do it is by availing online money transfer. It is evident that online money transfer renders a lot of benefits, and several companies are providing the option. BPCBT is one of the companies providing its customers with an instant payments solution that is convenient and diverse.