Reasons to Why Every Startup Must Embrace SEO

It helps in building long term audience

When you pay for ads, it gives you short term results and wastes your money as well. SEO provides their visitors with the content they can relate to. Rather having gained traffic from an ad, SEO helps in building and gaining audience over time, and that too for free. The better your quality of content is, the stronger the SEO becomes over time and Google also rewards you for providing quality info and no spam at all. Also note that Google changes its algorithm constantly, which may or may not impact your business. Business is not a onetime thing, but it is a constant process for staying up to date. The same goes with SEO as well. In order to build long term audience apart from SEO, hire an integrated marketing agency Singapore.

It results in higher traffic and conversions

SEO comes in handy to get traffic that can easily convert and generate revenue. Rather than investing money on social media advertising and other marketing tactics, you can stay apprised with Google’s best practices. When ranking specific keywords that may not have high searches and are not much competitive like long tail keywords, you can generate organic traffic with the same. It has been proven that organic traffic converts around 400 percent better than other kinds of traffic apart from email marketing.