Should You Consider Folding Doors For Industrial Spaces? Find Here!

Selecting the right type of door for your commercial warehouse or any industrial space can be a confusing task. From the simple roller doors to the more complicated yet functional automated and sliding doors, there are a wide range of choices to pick from. Below, we take a look at folding doors along with the relevant pros and cons with industrial needs in mind.

Why choose folding doors?

Expectedly, industrial doors are meant to be performance-oriented. You need to install a door that’s not only easy to operate but also extremely secure and doesn’t compromise on safety aspects. In case of folding doors, you can tick most of these boxes. With folding doors, you get robust closure, enough security to keep your warehouse safe and protected from prying eyes, theft, trespassers and weather elements. Experts also agree that folding doors can be used for almost any kind of environment and commercial setup, and since the production is done in panels (usually vertical panels), you can create doors for large entries, doors and commercial warehouses easily.

Also, folding doors come in all types of colors and finishes, and you choose to add as many windows as possible to increase visibility within the room.

On the flip side

Not all companies that offer folding doors are the same, so you have to do your research. Also, it is best to go for doors that are made of galvanized steel. The measurements should be taken with care, and you also need to check if the manufacturer is a known one.

Things to note

While galvanized steel folding doors are considered to be a great choice, you have to check if there is enough space for installing such doors. In some cases, where the headroom is enough, roller doors can be considered, while sliding doors are also a great choice for big industrial spaces. Folding doors are best suited for warehouses, general industry needs and agricultural sectors. It is also often used for areas, where temperatures must be maintained. Sealing is possible considerably, so talk to the manufacturer and find relevant details.

Also, it is a good idea to take an estimate for different types of industrial doors in advance, so that you can decide on the budget. Do not shy away from asking questions, steps in installation and other details. You can also check online portals of installers to find more details on installation and finishes.