Startups: Choosing a business that matches your zodiac

Do you believe in Astrology and the Zodiac cycle? You would like to know what your zodiac characteristics are and what are the best business ideas for each zodiac sign? Then have a look here and discover all the details for each Zodiac individually. The TRUiC website provides a vast amount of information about the zodiac and the best business fit for your personality. 

12 Zodiacs

You probably know that the Zodiac cycle consists of 12 zodiac signs (Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn). Let’s explore their characteristics in-depth and which would be the best possible business ideas for each one. 

Zodiac Characteristics and Best business ideas

Aries (21 Mar- 19 Apr)

Starting with the first sign of the cycle, Aries, dynamic, competitive, energetic, and driven. Ariens are born leaders. They usually are entrepreneurs and start their own start-up businesses. They are good with projects and can work under pressure. Aries’s best business ideas are those which include lots of  changes, require creativity and energy. For example, arts business, public relations, fitness, and travel are some ideas for a start-up business. 

Taurus (20 Apr- 20 May)

Persistent and focused, Taurians are well- balanced and ambitious. They are reliable and they have money skills and could start businesses with earning potential. Taureans are well- suited for accounting and finance based jobs and could also follow a law career path. Moreover, Taurus can be great in the music industry too. 

Gemini (21 May- 20 June)

The third sign of the zodiac cycle is Gemini.  People born under Gemini are sociable, expressive, and have good communication skills. Geminis are easily adaptable and hard- working. Best business ideas could be anything that involves public speaking or writing, marketing, and PR. They also make a perfect fit in any design-based jobs like interior design business. 

Cancer (21 June- 22 July)

Cancer is the fourth zodiac in the cycle. Cancerians are adaptable and caring. They like stability and security, they enjoy work and love helping others. They have excellent organizational skills and are also responsible. Best Cancer business ideas could be social services business such as childcare, life coaching, counseling, or hand-made based businesses. Also, Cancerians could be great chefs and they could own their own food place such as a bakery, restaurant, etc. 

Leo (23 July- 22 August)

People born under the Leo horoscope are ambitious, optimistic, determined and they love attention from others. Leos are excellent motivators, are creative and can be great leaders inspiring others. Leos could have their own businesses and be great entrepreneurs. They could fit perfectly in public relations, communication, and teaching-related jobs. Leo personalities are also a great match for jobs in the sales and management field. Also, they can be good entertainers. The best start-up business idea could be event planning or advertising agency.

Virgo (23 August- 22 Sep)

Virgo is the sixth star sign in the cycle. Virgos are analytical, well- organized,  are perfectionists, and they like to work autonomously. They are brainy and could work perfectly with a great amount of data and in information related jobs. They have excellent writing skills and they could work as editors of magazines or newspapers. Also, Virgos work very well independently and they are good with finance and technology. Virgos could be researchers or they could start their own business providing financial services (consulting) or software development. 

Libra (23 Sept- 22 Oct)

Librans are imaginative, sociable, and diplomatic. They are very talented in artistic jobs. Libras have good communication skills and they are well-balanced people. They could be excellent entrepreneurs in jobs related to arts and design, and also in jobs that focus on well-being, such as beauty and wellness services (barbershop, beauty salon, etc.) and meditation teachers. 

Scorpio (23 Oct- 21 Nov)

People born under the Scorpio star sign are intelligent, competitive, passionate, and well known for their intensity. Scorpios are hard-workers, multi-tasking and they can thrive in demanding positions and overcome any challenges. Best start-up business ideas for Scorpios could be anything related to health, finance, or investigation business. For example, they could be pharmacists and start an online pharmacy business or they could be great entrepreneurs in business related to investigation work. 

Sagittarius (22 Nov- 21 Dec) 

Sagittarians are independent, optimistic, and charismatic. They are adventurous and full of energy. They can be great entrepreneurs and inspire other people. Sagittarians are sociable and they can do several different occupations. They could be great in counseling and coaching-related business. Sagittarius can be good in sales and tourism occupations. Start-up opportunities such as life- coaching business or travel agency jobs could be an excellent fit. 

Capricorn (22 Dec- 19 Jan)

Capricorn is the tenth sign in the zodiac cycle. Capricorns are independent, resourceful, and focused. They are well-organized people and hard- workers. They are also savvy and they can achieve difficult goals. Capricorns are slow and methodical. They like opportunities with great financial potential. Capricorn entrepreneurs would be great in management and administrative roles. Best start-up business suggestions are customer- service consultancy agents, catering business, or currency trading investments. 

Aquarius (20 Jan- 18 Feb)

Aquarians are quick- thinkers, very analytical, and intelligent. Aquarians are considered as intellectual and enigmatic people. They can be excellent entrepreneurs and they are very good at science and technology. Aquarius can be great in engineering and technical fields and also anything related to art. The best business ideas for those born under Aquarius could be project management business or photography business.

Pisces ( 19 Feb- 20 Mar)

Pisces is the twelfth sign in the zodiac cycle. Pisceans are compassionate, adaptable, flexible, and with a strong sense of empathy. People born under that sign are artistic and they love working with beautiful items like furniture or galleries and helping others. Pisces people could start their own business such as therapists and counselors. 

Take Away:  the Origin of Astrology

Western Astrology has its origin around 2nd Millenium BC, during the Babylonian period. Babylonians are credited with the birth of Astrology. Later, Astrology was introduced to Greeks in the 4th century BC. According to studies followed by the ancient philosophers, Plato, Aristotle and others, Astrology was considered as science. Soon it was adopted by the Romans and Arabs. 

Astrology in western countries is popular and is based on the position of the Sun. It considers the individual’s birth date and the position of the Sun on that particular day.