Strengthening Nails Naturally At Home

The following are some great ways to strengthen your nails at home:-

Vitamin E – Nails tend to get weaker by all the harsh chemicals in polishes. To strengthen them take vitamin e capsule and gently massage the nails.

Coconut oil – It is the best source of strengthening nails. Take two spoons of coconut oil add few drops of lemon to it and massage it on nails gently. This also improves blood circulation.

Egg yolk – This is another popular method to make the nails stronger. Add egg yolk to raw milk, massage it gently on nails and rinse it off

Olive oil – Take few drops of olive oil add lime juice to it and massage it on your nails.

Shea butter – It is a fantastic moisturizer for nails. Apply it on the nails.

Orange juice – It contains folic acid for the growth of nails. Take fresh orange juice and soak your nails in it and rinse it off.

Once your nails are healthy, you can experiment with them freely. There are many excellent nail art samples on the website – You can choose a design you like and get it done at your local salon.