The Number Of Marketing Tools Are You Currently Using?

Quick, write lower all of the marketing tools you are presently using. Proceed. I’ll wait.

(This is when the theme song from “Risk” typically plays, right?)

OK, if you are anything like the majority of companies I have helped, you most likely have approximately 5-10 tools out there. The size of their email list is not important, obviously, just like lengthy as every single advertising tool you are using is adding towards the profitability of the company.

Will they? Is it possible to connect the dots between every advertising tool you utilize and actual sales lower the street? You need to… be it direct marketing or content marketing… every tool should get up on trial because of its existence. Every tool you utilize will help to measurably impact the prosperity of your company. If it is not, stop utilizing it. And That I don’t care whether it’s a brand new shiny object, like social networking. Dump it now.

Now let us ask a few more questions regarding your list. What tools are you currently using you don’t have listed? I’m sure you do not have tools much like your business card printing, or letterhead, or mailing envelopes, or referral marketing, of first impressions out there, but all of these are various kinds of marketing tools that each business may use.

Consider business card printing, for instance. Are you aware that everything walks the talk with regards to marketing your company? Would you believe your organization and perhaps your product or service will vary compared to competition? Your business card printing had better be different. When they look much like everyone else’s cards, then you know what? You are not different. Same applies to your letterhead as well as your envelopes.

And just what about referral marketing? Was that in your list? Many people don’t include it after i ask. However once i bring it up, they slap their mind and say, “Obviously that’s our marketing tools!” Hmmm, no you’d have appreciated it, whether it actually was?

This is the factor about referral marketing. Everyone states it is important. Everyone claims they request referrals, but no one includes a formalized referral online marketing strategy. If you do not, do not feel bad. You are not by yourself.

Second question. Which marketing tools on offer are : explore using that you ought to? I have been compiling a summary of all marketing tools open to business owners today and to date I am as much as 153 differing types! I am totally sure my list is incomplete, however i show this to my clients in an effort to highlight there are a large number of other marketing possibilities they are not benefiting from.

Which is important. The thing is, I am prepared to bet that the advertising tool list is nearly just like your top competitor’s. Why? Because every industry falls right into a trap of central proper orthodoxy. All of us have a tendency to look alike and act alike. Why? Because, typically, we spend our business existence within the same world as our competition. We browse the same magazines. We attend exactly the same conferences and industry events. We spend time with similar people. Therefore we watch one another a great deal and focus one another a great deal. Consequently, we copy one another a great deal.