The Undeniable Power of Video in Marketing

Advertising has been around for as long as sales and media marketing has evolved alongside technology, empowering marketers with innovative tools that help to sell products. Yet of all the many forms of advertising, video is by far the most powerful, as it invites all the senses and if the commercial is well put together, it can deliver a very powerful message. Technology has greatly improved the quality of video marketing, with digital video editing empowering the production team to create excellent short commercials that really hit home.

Leading Video Production Houses

In the Middle East region, BlackCel are one of the top video production companies with many years of hands-on experience producing stunning videos for a wide range of clients, and if you are based in Dubai and are looking for a quality video production outfit, look no further than this forward thinking company. Whether you need creative direction of live action filming, they have a great team of experienced people who love the challenge of a new project and have a solid reputation as a leading production house in Dubai Media City.

Creative Design

If you have yet to discover the right concept to market your products, a leading video production company would have creative directors who specialise in all aspects of video production. Once the client likes the concept, a storyboard is put together and the work can begin. Of course, the client is an integral part of the project and their input is always required and with deadlines to meet and a budget to keep to, the production company will always deliver the goods.

Stunning Locations

A good video production company would have access to all the best locations, with 5-star hotels in Dubai, stunning beach locations and breathtaking desert scenes, all readily available. You might prefer to have your commercial shot on a luxury yacht and with all the right connections, the perfect location can be found.

Post Production

Once the raw footage has been shot, the next stage is the editing room, where the production will be carefully put together. Shooting from multiple angles gives the team more options and with several cameras filming, you can jump from one angle to another.

Wide Range of Formats

A top notch video production company would have the necessary resources to produce the film in many different formats, which you would likely need. This will enable you to reach far more people, as the different formats can be shown on a variety of digital platforms, maximising your exposure.


Any leading video production company would have a good working relationship with all the best distributors, something that will really boost the viewing figures and if you are at all unsure where to broadcast the commercial, the production company can certainly help.

Video film is a very powerful tool for any marketing campaign and with the help of a leading production company, you can rest assured that the end product will tick all the boxes.