Types of Automobile Defect Claims

There are numerous instances of road accidents due to automobile defects. The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration is a board that safeguards the civil rights of riders and pedestrians. NHTSA states that in 2017, millions of defective automobiles were affected by vehicle recalls. The defective automobiles have been harmful to both the occupants and those in other cars on the road. NHTSA also states that for every accident that occurs due to defective automobiles, the automobile manufacturers should be accountable for the safety of their vehicles and passengers. If anyone has been affected by vehicle defect injury, the person deserves to claim compensation for the damage or loss.

Different types of defects may occur in automobiles. Starting from the steering to the tire, every component of a car is equally important for safety aspects. Hence, the owner should follow routine tests to ensure the vehicle is in proper condition. If any sign of damage occurs, the owner should immediately plan how to repair it. Otherwise, if an accident happens due to the defect, the owner will be held responsible for it by law.

If anyone suffers from personal injury caused by a defective automobile accident, the person should contact an auto defect lawyer and move legally. The lawyer will first investigate the case and see its eligibility and then evaluate the amount of compensation or the type of settlement the victim deserves. Both the parties can settle the matter out of the Court, only if the opposition agrees to compensate. If the opposition party doesn’t agree, the lawyer presents the case in Court.

  • Types of Defective Automobile Claims:
  1. Airbag and Seatbelt Failure:

Front and side airbags ensure the safety of vehicles. Airbags have saved countless lives in the past. However, some airbags are often designed, manufactured, and tested wrongly. Improper design, manufacturing defects, and wrong testing can lead to airbag dysfunction. A fatal accident occurring due to airbag failure could have been a minor one with proper airbag deployment.

Similarly, seat belts are designed for safety purposes, but a slight defect can cause fatal accidents leading to severe injuries or even death. Those suffering from accident injury occurring due to seatbelt failure can consult with an injury lawyer to claim compensation. However, a person choosing not to wear a seatbelt is not eligible to complain about an accident due to automobile defects.

  1. Broken Seatbacks:

The upright section of a car seat is known as a seatback. These come with special designs to work during a collision but, if broken, can cause severe accidents. In common cases of car accidents, seat belt restraints have failed to keep passengers secure in their seats at the time of the accident. Anyone who has met with an accident due to a broken seat back should contact an auto defect lawyer.

  1. Door Latch and Hood Latch Failures:

Door and hood latches with defects can come open while driving on the road, causing minor to severe accidents. In most cases, the occupant is not responsible for these defects as these remain from the time of purchase. The manufacturer is liable for any accidental loss or damage due to door latch and hood latch failures.

  1. Fires or Fuel System Defects:

Vehicle fire is one of the most terrifying things to experience. Unfortunately, most fire accidents happen due to defective fuel tanks and fuel systems. The consequences can lead to terrible burn injuries and even death. For this reason, many cars and trucks have been recalled by NHTSA due to fuel system or fuel tank defects.

  1. Ignition Defects and Loss of Power:

Just as fuel tank defects, ignition defects are the reasons for many car accidents. When vehicles switch from an on to the accessory position, the power breaks. Safety systems such as frontal airbags also get disabled often by ignition defects. In the last two years, the number of General Motors recalls went up to 26.9 million.

  1. Roof Collapse and Crashworthiness:

The safety of the occupants often depends upon the overall design of a car. Some manufacturers cut corners to save costs of the cars, which may lead to accidents and injuries. Similarly, the strength of a vehicle’s roof plays an essential role in protecting passengers during a crash. Any roof defect can lead to severe accidents where the manufacturers are liable for the injuries. All vehicles that meet the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards can save the occupants from such accidents.

  1. Steering or Handling Defects:

Some cars are designed with electronic systems that assist in steering, handling, and braking. For these cars, the automated feature gets controlled automatically. If a driver is not aware of this feature, the sudden brakes or steering can cause a loss of control of the vehicle. Over the last few years, there have been several recalls for steering assist and brakes.

  1. Tire Defects:

These constitute most cases of accidents and further injuries. As one of the most crucial safety systems of vehicles, tires need to be taken care of regularly. But, when someone unknowingly purchases a tire that is sold defective, the manufacturer is liable to pay compensation for the loss. Initiating a survey on this is difficult because unfortunately, there is no universal tracking system for who purchases tires. Some common tire damages are:

  • Tread separation
  • Steel belt separation
  • Tires lacking separation prevention features
  • Old tires
  • Improper repairs of punctures
  • Common Automobile Defect Accident Injuries:

Some common injuries caused by automobile defects are:

  1. Paralysis and spinal cord injuries
  2. Back and neck injuries
  3. Traumatic brain Injuries
  4. Broken bones and fractures
  5. Internal injuries and bleeding
  6. Scarring and disfigurement
  7. Death to a loved one or family member


Every year in the United States, there are approximately 16,500 instances of car accidents every day. Recent surveys have made people more aware of the role auto defects play in vehicle accidents. Anyone involved in an accident caused by automobile defects should consult an auto defect lawyer and claim the opposition or the insurance company of the opposition for compensation. Many people have been benefited by consulting experienced auto accident lawyers in the past.