What Are The Different Types Of Wood Decking

Decks are generally exposed to the foot traffic, pets, elements, and other animals. They are required to be strong and durable enough to bear the weight of different items stored there. When constructing a deck for business or home, it is essential to take some time out to look into the different types of wood decks.

Types of wood decks

There are different types of wood decks such as native hardwoods, pressure-treated, and tropical hardwoods that you can find on the market.

Pressure-Treated Wood

These types of wood are very commonly utilized decking material in the present day. They are not just economical, but also strong and aesthetically pleasing. Wood deck lumber is not just easy to operate but also widely available. No matter which type of wood deck you use, you still need to use pressure-treated wood to obtain the structural support. Due to this reason, the other available wood deck options are very weak, or very expensive.

Southern yellow pine is popularly used as pressure-treated wood. If one is planning to use it, you need to learn about the maintenance involved in keeping it in the best condition. This type of wood deck should be cleaned as well as sealed on a regular basis to increase its life.

How is pressure treated wood formed?

When the wood is infused with 1 or more than one water-based preservatives with the help of a pressure chamber, then it creates pressure-treated wood. There are several different types of pressure treated wood available as preservatives on the market. These include Sodium Borate, Alkaline Copper Quat, Copper Azole, and Chromated Copper Arsenate. Southern yellow pine, an example of pressure-treated wood that can be effectively treated with penetration without cutting the wood.

Native Wood Decking

Cedar is the commonest native wood option. It is a coniferous species that is made using softwood. Cedar is used especially at the time of constructing a deck. It is a softwood that need not mean how hard the wood is or how much durable it is. It denotes the type of species from which this wood is taken. So, that’s what makes it a softwood.


When installed properly, a deck is sure to add beauty to your home. It also adds value to it. Right selection and implementation of deck ensure your deck to be not just look beautiful, but also withstand the stress of continuous usage.