What Should I Look For In A PDF Editor?

PDF is perhaps one of the most used document types that have been functional in all sectors of the economy. It is a convenient way for people on all kinds of devices to access the document and view it.

However, PDFs are not just limited to viewing. With PDF editors, you can easily edit the document in their PDF form or convert PDF to Word or any document type of your choice. But with so many PDF editors out there, how would you know which one is the best?

Hence, we are here to tell you about a few features you must look for while searching for a reliable PDF editor. Here we go!

Creation and editing

First thing first, make sure that the PDF editor has the functions of an editor. Other than viewing, it should give you the options of editing texts, inserting images and videos, changing layouts, adjusting element sizes, and so on.

If your PDF editor is not smart enough to do that, maybe you have the wrong software. Therefore, make sure your PDF editor gives you the option of not just viewing but editing and creating your PDFs.

Easy to use

The next thing you should be looking for is whether you can use it at all. A good PDF editor should have a simple user interface, which makes it user friendly and suitable to be used by all. It does not make sense to choose such a complex software that you need to take extra classes just to understand how your PDF editor works.

Therefore, the next thing to look for in a PDF editor is whether they are easy to use or not. Because when you are in a rush to edit a PDF, you would want to do it fast instead of boggling your head over how to use it at all.

Has collaboration features

Image if you are working in a team and have to edit a PDF. Instead of having to edit the PDF over and over again according to the various opinions of your team members, would it not be better if everyone could access it at the same time and review the edits together?

That is where your next feature comes in. A smart PDF converter should have a collaboration option to allow multiple individuals to work on the same project. It is fast, convenient, and handy when it comes to team projects.


If you can open your PDF from all devices, would it not be convenient to edit it from all platforms too? Therefore, your PDF editor should be flexible enough to be supported by all sorts of devices you are working on.

Be it your desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone, the PDF editor should be able to allow you to edit everywhere.


Lastly, you would want your PDF editor to provide you with adequate security features so that your documents stay safe and secure. Documents can be confidential, and your PDF editor should provide security features, such as password protection and permissions for who can access and edit.