What’s Identity As-A-Service (Idaas)? Check More Details Here

Managing user identities and access is one of the most relevant concerns for corporate clients. With hybrid IT environments getting more complex, security threats related to user identities are increasing by the day.  If not checked for, security breaches can compromise with sensitive information, and inefficiency would be a norm. No wonder, Identity as-a-Service (IdaaS) seems more important than ever before. With ready suites, you can improve IAM systems and ensure simplicity in identity management and access governance. Here’s what you need to know about Identity as-a-Service (IdaaS).

The basics

Identity as-a-Service (IdaaS) addresses all the relevant concerns related to managing risks and maintaining security of IT environments. Businesses typically rely on a hybrid IT environment. This includes on-premise systems and cloud-based services. With the latter, certain security threats become a matter of concern, given that users can have access to the processes, data and information from any system. An effective and tested IAM system just puts everything in place, ensuring that the right people have access to the intended data at the right time, and every singular action is checked, recorded and is available for audit and verification when required. Identity suites have become more comprehensive in recent years, and the practices related to identity management and access governance can be customized to match and ensure better operational efficiency and control. Also, you can choose to manage specific accounts with privilege access management.

The need for Identity as-a-Service (IdaaS)

As discussed, Identity as-a-Service (IdaaS) is designed to manage and control identity use and access governance. If you are having a hard time in recording and tracking the access to data, user identities and other aspects, having an Identity Suite will just simplify the whole thing. In case of some businesses, the existing IAM system isn’t simple enough to ensure effortless management control, and therefore, investing in a new suite is almost a necessity. A new and improved IAM system is more than important when the company is getting audit remarks for inadequate and insufficient control of identities and authorized accesses for each. Finally, let’s not forget that IAM operation isn’t the only aspect that a business has to deal with, and therefore, a proper system just reduces the manual work and time required for this department.

Getting the best Identity Suite

As mentioned, with varied identity suites, selecting one can be confusing. The idea is to find a cloud-based suite that works for on-premises systems and cloud applications alike. This includes cloud applications like Workday, EPIC and Salesforce, as well as, with SharePoint, RACF, SAP and Active Directory. Given that IDaaS solutions differ in varied ways, you need to ensure that it can handle varied things, such as Office 365 subscriptions and other aspects related to Microsoft Azure. Asking for a demo and discussing your concerns with the concerned IAM solution provider is the best approach ahead. If required, ask for client references and how their suites and solutions have helped businesses that have a similar IT environment as yours.