Why Bajaj FD is a safe investment

When compared to the uncertainty and volatility that affects investments such as stocks, fixed deposits are a safe method of investment. They guarantee assured returns, attractive interests and zero risk. High interest rates, in addition to a safe home for your savings, makes fixed deposits a great investment choice for you. The Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit ensures that your investment is safe and offers you good returns. Here’s how—

Market fluctuation: The Bajaj Finance fixed deposit remains unaffected by market fluctuations and other external factors like changes in the economy. This ensures that investors get guaranteed returns on their fixed deposits.

High interest rates: The Bajaj Finance FD rates are higher than most financial institutions, making it a good investment option. For a tenure of 16-60 months, regular citizens can enjoy 6.31% – 6.50% interest on their principal invested. Senior citizen FD rates are offered at 6.55% – 6.75% interest rate.

Tenor (in months) Regular citizens Senior citizens
12-23 5.51% – 5.65% 5.75% – 5.90%
24-35 5.94% – 6.10% 6.17% – 6.35%
36-60 6.31% – 6.50% 6.55% – 6.75%

High safety ratings: Bajaj Finance has the highest accreditation of FAAA by CRISIL and MAAA by ICRA. These ratings are proof of the high safety standards and timely repayments of Bajaj FDs.

No unclaimed deposits: Bajaj Finance is among the very few finance companies in the market that have zero unclaimed deposits. This can be attributed to the auto-credit facility that allows investors to get the returns upon maturity with ease.

Over 2,50,000 customers: With FD contributions from more than 2,50,000 customers, Bajaj Finance has a deposit of more than Rs 25,000 crores. These numbers are proof of the high level of trust that investors have in Bajaj Finance.